Using the Compton software with its recording and playback function has helped me in many ways especially in learning to listen to myself. Prior to this program, I did not detect my errors
because my intention was to pronounce correctly but the sound did not come out the way I
thought it would. Thanks to the software, listening to myself and self-correcting have made a difference in training my ear and my brain so that I can train my mouth to accurately pronounce.
Kim H. -Physician

I really like the online accent reduction program. I used to record myself when I read an article
in English and tried to find what I need to correct, but I didn’t reduce my accent until
I had your program. Your program offers record/comparison feature which is exactly what
I need. I need to know what is the accurate pronunciation in order to correct my accent.
The Pronouncing American English for Mandarin Speakers program targeted those common mistakes and designed specific lessons to help students who speak Mandarin to correct our mistakes. The program is flexible, I can spend 15 minutes or 30 minutes each day to get online, read with the recorded voice and correct myself. After six months’ of exercise, my English pronunciation improved, even my American born son noticed my improvement. Thank you! I will continue to use the program to improve my English pronunciation–the program can be accessed lifetime!
Jenny W. -CPA