For Instructors Only

Are you an accent reduction instructor (Speech-Language Pathologist, ESL teacher, language specialist, etc.)?
Are you tired of adapting materials to your client’s different needs?

Pronouncing American English – A Compton Accent Improvement Program – may be just what you are looking for when you have a client that is seeking accent reduction services but may not have the budget or time to commit to your conventional training format.

We offer 27 accent reduction programs custom designed for particular language backgrounds.  Each program targets the typical pronunciations found in that native language group and includes…

  • a description of basic English sounds.
  • an explanation of phonetic symbols.
  • guidelines for study and evaluation.
  • a combination of interactive written and audio/video material including a unique “Record and Compare” feature that facilitates improved auditory awareness and self-correction skills.
  • a way for you, as the consultant, to monitor your client’s practice recordings and provide feedback regarding their progress (this premium feature available at no charge for a limited time during beta-test mode).

Each of the 27 different programs is based on normative date (obtained by Arthur J. Compton, PhD.) from the detailed phonetic analyses of the accented sounds of a minimum of 20 native speakers for each language.

Pronouncing American English provides an effective and reasonably priced online format that allows your client to work independently or with your guidance.

Suggestion:  Direct your client to the online store on this site to purchase the lifetime subscription or, alternatively, you may want to purchase the subscription for them and provide it as part of your complete instructional package.